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Local Business

Media’s local businesses and the State Street district are a vital part of our Borough. We want to make sure that our businesses have the support they need to contribute to our sustained economic health. Whether we are sponsoring events to draw visitors to dine and shop in town, or spearheading initiatives to bring in more women-and-minority-owned businesses, we will continue to drive local economic development.

Part of what makes Media so attractive are the signature events held throughout the year, like Dining Under the Stars, the Santa Fun Run and Parade, the Veterans Day and Halloween parades, the Easter Egg hunt, the Fourth of July celebration at Barrall Field, Pride events, the Juneteenth celebration, and new events like Ice on State, or the recent Eagles Pep Rally and Parade. These events drive economic activity for our local businesses and contribute to a strong sense of community. We seek to enhance our business district and continue to foster an environment that encourages business development consistent with our small town community.

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