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As Democrats, we tend not to boast about our achievements. But did you know that much of Media’s success is due to the accomplishments of Media Democrats over the past 40 years? Without their efforts, there would be no Media Elementary School and no Media Theatre. Media Democrats have substantially supported Media Arts Council for decades and provided the support that made the new Media Library building possible.

Under Democratic governance, Media rehabilitated Houtman Park and established Manchester Park and historic Heritage Park. Media Democrats kept Borough Hall from becoming a row of townhouses, and Iron Hill Brewery from being developed into a block of office buildings. It is fair to say that Media Democrats saved State Street.

We can also thank Democrats for bringing in Trader Joe’s and creatively preserving the Armory and its history. Democratic leadership hired a new Chief of Police in the 1970s when Media had the second highest crime rate in Pennsylvania. Today, Media has a highly professionalized police force and is one of the safest places you can live anywhere. Media Democrats focus on creative consensus-based decisions that consider all residents’ opinions and are in the best interests of the Borough.

“The Democratic Party has always been looking out for the best for Media.” – Paul Robinson, endorsed incumbent Democratic candidate for Media Borough Council.

The Media Democratic Committee and its candidates have unparalleled experience as catalysts for growing Media into the vibrant, diverse, and prosperous success story it is today. We are committed to running experienced, well-vetted Democratic candidates who represent our values in a way that is practical and responsible for our community. Our combined experience and subject-matter expertise will be vital as we work together to address today’s challenges and prepare for the future in a balanced way that best serves the interests of our community.

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