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“The more you’re involved, the more you want to give back.” – Lisa Gelman

The strength of our community is our ability to appreciate and celebrate our differences and come together as residents of Media in our wonderful borough. Our common spaces and events help us achieve the goal of community. One of the things we love most about Media is that, regardless of political, religious, or other affiliation or identity, we respect and treat each other as neighbors first.

“I love how supportive our community is. Right now we have an opportunity to make our community even more interconnected.” - Lisa Gelman

We believe that one of the best ways to enhance one’s quality of life is to become more involved in one’s community. We have long advocated involvement in local public service as a crucial way to strengthen communities.

We believe that good local governance can help protect the most vulnerable among us, including promoting accessibility and inclusion, caring for the environment, and doing what’s fair and best for our community. That is why we run candidates who have demonstrated their commitment to local government and our shared Democratic values.

The following are values that we as Democrats believe are important: Building a strong and fair local economy (we are, after all, America’s first Fair Trade community), healing division in our communities, bolstering democracy and access to voting, increasing participation in local government and community, protecting the most vulnerable among us, building a more just and equitable society, and responding to the urgent crisis of global warming.

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