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A Future for Everybody - Climate Resiliency

“Planning for the future is fiscally responsible. That’s true for climate change, too. We must continue to prepare for an increase in extreme weather events. Otherwise, recovery from those events will be far more expensive in economic terms, but more importantly, in terms of the lives in our community.” - Paul Robinson

Media Democrats on Borough Council have long been pioneers in mitigating climate change, from making us the ‘Solar Capital of PA’, weekly compost pickups, implementing energy-saving initiatives, prioritizing stormwater management, investing in pollinator gardens and LED streetlights, to switching the borough’s administrative buildings to 100% renewable energy, to name but a few!

“I live in a mid-rise apartment building in West Media. The building is always hot, and in the summer, it’s very humid, too. Even when we run the dehumidifiers and air conditioners, it’s expensive to get the air temperature down below 80F. It pains me to think of my neighbors on low or fixed incomes, who have health conditions, or are aging, having to decide whether they can afford to run their ACs.” - Tray Herman

Our endorsed Democratic candidates share a commitment to build on the progress Media has made over the years, and envision a future for Media that is even more walkable, resilient to storms, heat waves, and floods. As Democrats, we believe in protecting the most vulnerable among us, and we will continue to pursue even more ways to mitigate the effects of climate change in Media Borough.

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