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Elecciones 2021

General Election is November 7th, 2023!
Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM.
Election FAQ

Sample Ballot

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A Note on Judicial Retention

Regarding the judicial retention questions, the Delaware County Democratic Committee`s recommendations were the outcome of a very narrow vote. We disagreed with it and believe there should have been no recommendation made for the other judges. We encourage you to make up your own minds on the judicial retention questions.

Boleta de noviembre de 2021

The candidates endorsed by the Media Democratic Committee - Lisa Gelman, Tray Herman, Paul Robinson for Borough Council, and Pat Henigan for District Justice, are here to be accessible, approachable, proactive, and fiscally responsible. The candidates
for Borough Council are committed to providing strong leadership for the Borough and are looking forward to continuing investment in environmental programs such as the development of the open-space plan, Borough-wide compost program, and development of public park spaces. On Public Safety, we will ensure the continuation of Media as a very safe town for our residents and visitors. We will lead the implementation of the public safety plan including addressing traffic safety, establish goals in long-term planning, provide resources as needed for public safety staff, invest in pedestrian-friendly areas/crosswalks and much more.  

Contested School Board Primary

There is a contested primary for Rose Tree Media School Board. Five Republican candidates have "cross-filed", meaning, one party candidate can legitimately be on both the Democrat and Republican ballots by obtaining the appropriate number of signatures through the petition process. The true Democratic candidates for school board are Karleen Krenicky, Cameron Stevens, Jackie Gusic (incumbent), Shelly Hunt (incumbent), and Media Borough resident Hillary Fletcher (incumbent)! See how their names will appear on the ballot here.


Mapa del municipio de los medios


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Calendario de elecciones

Bullet Journal

Mapa del municipio de los medios


Consejo de Ciudad

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Información del trabajador electoral

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concejal de Ayuntamiento

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Resultados de las elecciones

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Demócratas de Delco

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