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Accessibility for Everybody

Accessibility is one of the most pressing issues facing the Borough today. Media is a very walkable town, one that provides a wealth of information to its residents, but not all of us get around or access information the same way. Whether you’re pushing a stroller or using a wheelchair, driving your own vehicle or using public transit, using digital media or print media, we want everybody to be able to participate fully in our community.

We are installing sidewalk ramps throughout the borough. We are implementing a sidewalk connector program to fill in gaps in our sidewalk network. We are in the process of implementing aspects of our Traffic Calming Project to increase pedestrian accessibility and safety. We strongly support SEPTA’s trolley modernization project which, for the first time, will provide comprehensive ADA access to persons with accessibility needs. We recognize that these are important initiatives, but that more work needs to be done. The solution: listen to the people who use accessibility services as well as voices in the broader community.

Our endorsed candidates are committed to growing our accessibility infrastructure so that we can truly be a borough for all.

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